About Us

Sivas Organic Agriculture A.P. Sivas governorship, Special Provincial Administration, Sivas Municipality, Sivas Cumhuriyet University Foundation and Sivas Chamber of Commerce started their activities on 14.03.2019. With this structure, our company is the first subsidiary established in cooperation with public-university-industry in our province. “ Investigation of the possibilities of use in sewage sludge composting worm” with the Republican Technopolis project titled’ e separe classic worm composting organic fertilizer accepted our company, as well as R & D activities started.


The primary goal of our business in our country that are caused by the disadvantages of chemical fertilizers and pesticides used in agriculture, aimed at reducing the widely used and accepted all over the world “worm worm fertilizer manufacturers fertilizer production with the correct method by performing a standard by introducing the characteristics of the manure and worm to guide our province and our university as an institution at this point is to stand out and Training Center. At this stage, it is aimed to ensure sustainability in agriculture by guiding all our farmers in the cultivation of healthy, high quality and efficient agricultural products without being dependent on chemical fertilizers and chemical fighting drugs. In addition, it is aimed to contribute to the Prevention of environmental pollution and to bring these wastes back to the economy by converting different inert and waste qualified organic materials into worm fertilizer through the projects and studies carried out. In addition to agricultural studies, our company's R & D activities include “possibilities for the use of various extracts from worms in the field of Pharmacy and cosmetics”, which are planned based on Chinese traditional medicine.